Our Story

For more than 2 decades, the Van Hal’s have been growing their businesses. 

They have consistently invested in real estate and continue to grow their residential construction portfolio.  Recently, a new business has been registered with a focus on personal strength training and they plan on having memberships start mid 2022. 

The combined experience and abilities of Van Hal Group help ensure the needs of both client and tenant are met with the high value expected.


David Van Hal – Principal:

Van Hal General Contracting Corporation

StrenX Training Ground

Sharroll Van Hal – Operation Manager:

Van Hal Group

Van Hal Rentals

Empowering our customers with the essential requirements to thrive by constantly delivering results that matter.

We understand that HOW we conduct business is as important as WHAT business we conduct.  Each of us is responsible for upholding our Core Values and reputation through our actions.

Health and Safety

We are personally and professionally committed to protecting the health and safety of our employees, customers, tenants, and the people of the communities in which we operate our businesses.

Protecting the Environment

We strive to use sustainable solutions (both materials and processes) for our properties and customers, while minimalizing the environmental footprint, so that we help protect the environment, as well as preserve the earth’s natural resources, both for both today and future generations.

Respectful Work Environments

We treat our employees and partners with dignity and respect while creating professional environments where people can contribute, problem solve and grow.

Ethical Behavior

We conduct our business affairs with ethical standards, laws and integrity.

Van Hal Group will always maintain the confidentiality of its Employees, Customers, Tenants and the Communities in which we operate.